How does being involved in sports change you as a person?


Sports play a huge role in our lives. From watching football on the TV every Sunday to being in double overtime in your final game of the season, we are heavily impacted by sports and how they can easily run our lives. Getting involved in a sport at any age is very important for our mental and physical health. 

There are many benefits of playing sports. Of course, we know that the physical changes you see while playing are huge, but it runs deeper than that. A person gains mental stability every time a basketball is dribbled or a football is thrown. Physical activity stimulates the production of the endorphins and other chemicals in our brains to create energy to be released. These endorphins create a relaxing sense of optimism after a difficult practice. 

Getting involved in sports creates a happy lifestyle no matter who you are. In my mind, there is nothing better than creating bonds with your teammates and being able to produce great moments together. Winning a championship or playing games for good causes easily brings a sense of peace and love to a person, and it is challenging not to be happy about that. 

In many cases, getting into sports early in life sets you up for success. Here at Forest Hills Central, many student-athletes are feeling that success. Many seniors, and even juniors, are having their athletic abilities along with their wonderful academics carry them into college. We have many students that are committed to colleges on full-ride scholarships because of the hard work they have put in on and off of the playing surface. It is so cool to see all of them thrive because of what they started so early on in their lives before I knew them. 

When playing a sport, having confidence is key. If you do not believe in yourself, then it is difficult for others to want to believe in you as well. Sports can aid in making you realize that you have the ability to do amazing things. Whether that is gaining better sportsmanship or teamwork skills, or getting the physical gains that help create confidence, knowing that you are capable is very helpful in everyday life. 

Lastly, one of the most important things is sleep. When we are involved in sports or any physical activity, we are constantly moving; it gives our bodies a want to “recharge.” If we stay sedentary all day, the idea of recharging is not needed due to no energy being wasted. It is important to release all of the energy that has been built up during this time span in order for the cycle to repeat the next day. 

All of these ideas are great benefits that every person should want. Getting involved and staying active by going to the gym or playing a sport aids our minds and bodies by giving them what they want and need. Having the desire to fuel our bodies is one of the most important traits that leads to overall healthy living.