Why do you play?

Every athlete has a different story. Some may be tear-jerking, whereas others may crack you up. The behind-the-scenes of an athlete is quite an exciting tale for her or him to tell. A significant factor in the reason most athletes play is that outside force that really pushes them to compete and that drove them to fight and play for it. Be it a person, place, or event, the force influences athletes colossally. 

At FHC, the reason athletes participate in athletics varies greatly. For example, boys varsity basketball player Jonas VanderWoude plays for the two things that are the most important to him in his life. “I play for Jesus, and I play for my teammates,” he said. “Basketball is bigger than just myself. I play for Jesus because he put me on this Earth and gave me the talents and ability to play basketball. My teammates, though, are everything to me. We collectively win and lose together.” 

Jonas uses this faith and this love to urge him to be a better athlete. He takes these emotions and incorporates them into his playing and his performance. It gives him that extra push. 

Luccini Rodriguez, a girls JV volleyball player, finds herself playing for a slightly different reason. “I play for my older brother because I have always looked up to him. He showed me that playing a sport is something way bigger than just you,” CC said, “and if you love it enough, you can make something out of it.” 

Luccini’s relationship with her brother has assisted her in building motivation and determination within her sport. She has created a place where she can go when competing. The things he teaches her are essential to her and make a long-lasting impact on her performance mindset. This motivation is beneficial to work your best. 

“I think it is important to have that type of motivation not only in sports but in life too. Just knowing I have my motivators with me wherever I go motivates me to want to be the best person I can be,” said sophomore JV basketball player Malik Thomas. 

Malik plays for his two grandmas and his mom. “I play for them all because I just know they are in Heaven looking down on me. They are watching me play and compete, and I want them to be proud of me.”

These motivating factors help athletes feel a deeper connection to their sports. They not only feel physically involved with the competition but mentally as well. When sports get tough and an athlete feels as if there is no point anymore, the athlete has that motivation in the back of her or his mind as to why she or he does what she or he does. An athlete needs to be able to look back and remember why she or he is there and has worked for everything.

Among the many reasons that you can fathom and beyond the many moments of inquisitions that you may spend, the real question is: Why do you play?