Girls bowling fights hard but loses to Grand Rapids Christian


It was a match to remember for the seniors on the girls bowling team. Seniors Paris Gooch and JJ Putney put on a show in their last hurrah at Eastbrook Lanes. This team has come a long way, its bonds have created friendships that will last beyond the end of the season. That’s what makes senior night so special, it honors the teammates who have given it their all the past four years.

“Yesterday meant a lot to me, and with the added pressure I ended up being in my head too much which resulted which resulted in me not performing properly,” quoted senior Paris Gooch, “I wasn’t too happy to end my last home match with a 238 series.”

While this may not have been Paris’s best round of bowling, her performance was not one to be ashamed of. With more than a handful of strikes, she looked strong which is promising for the upcoming postseason. The Lady Rangers still have one more competition before the postseason, which will be against the Lowell Red Arrows.

“I think the team did very well yesterday,” stated Paris Gooch. “Some people got their highest scores of the season.”

Even with the loss, the Lady Rangers still played their hearts out. Everybody contributed, and that’s what really matters. Other stand-out players besides the seniors from yesterday were Emmy Willemin, Letizia Cumbo-Nacheli, Raegan Price, and Luka Smith. All of them put up a valiant effort, and at the end of the day, that is all you can ask for.

“For the postseason, I think we will keep it together,” said Paris Gooch. “We know what to expect so I think we will do great.”

Confidence will be key moving into the postseason, making sure that everybody is level-headed should be the girls’ first priority. They can’t play bigger than the game, which means they can’t make the moment so big that they end up crumbling under the pressure they put on themselves. The confidence among those in Ranger Country is high for this team, they all see the potential these ladies have.

The girls will be back next Monday, February 13, against the Lowell Red Arrows, at Hillcrest Lanes, at 3 p.m. This is the ladies’ last shot to prove something before the postseason, and I know they have what it takes.