Girls bowling takes a loss to Northview


The Rangers suffered a tough loss to Northview, one of the best teams in the state. While it hurts to have to see the Rangers lose another week in a row, it does not mean that all hope is lost.

“I think we were all playing pretty tired,” quoted senior Paris Gooch, “I’ve also had a cold which did not help at all.”

While losing is never fun, and something a team never aims to do, sometimes it’s just the way things go. However, what comes from losing is nothing but improvement. A loss hurts, so the ability to bounce back and improve should be something the Rangers do not take lightly. When they hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up.

“We need to be ready at the line,” stated Paris Gooch, “let the ball roll instead of throwing it down the lane, keep our arms straight and hit our marks, and pick up spares when necessary!”

The ladies have the power of consistency and dedication. Fans should have faith in the ladies for the rest of this season, they have the ability to compete and become victorious.

“I have good feelings about the second half of the season,” said Gooch, “I honestly think we’re going to win a few more games and fight hard at regionals.”

Confidence is very important going into the next stage of the season, the post-season is closer than it seems. It’s no secret that something needs to change in the Rangers’ play, but they have a good understanding of what they need to do to see better outcomes. It’s only a matter of time before FHC sees a strong win streak adding to the Rangers’ win record.

The ladies’ next competition will be next Wednesday, February 8, against Grand Rapids Christian at Eastbrook Lanes at 3:30 pm. Not only is this the Rangers’ last home competition, but it is also senior night. A night to commemorate all of the seniors’ hard work, this night means a lot. But the Rangers will have the confidence and skill to take home the victory.