The FHC ski team is looking to have a strong season despite the lack of snow


After sending a member of the team to the state championship last season, this year’s varsity ski team has a lot to live up to. Returning an abundance of members from the previous roster keeps the team’s hopes high for a successful season. However, with the lack of snow being an obstacle this year, the date when the team can get on the hill remains to be seen.

Most likely, the ski season will be short in terms of the number of races, with the first couple possibly subject to cancellation from lack of snow. But the question is, will the late start affect the team? This is one of the latest starts in team history and could very well impact the team’s performance. Head coach Sarah Yockey-Sutton commented on this tough situation.

“I’m optimistic that our team will still have a successful season even though we aren’t starting on snow. The conference doesn’t schedule a race this week for this reason. The weather is unpredictable and we must remain flexible.”

In high spirits, coach Yockey-Sutton also remembered that the last time FHC’s girls won the state title was also the year they had the fewest amount of races.

The ski team always has a part of the season when it doesn’t have enough snow; however, the athletes have things they do to prepare for the season before the return of the powder.

Conditioning is a big part of skiing. Keeping a tight tuck while going down the hill is extremely important, and it’s not easy. It is very tiresome and the skiers has multiple drills they practice pre-season to make sure they are in shape. The team members also practice on their own time.

Junior Nicholas Notarnicola has been on the team for three years. He shared his opinion on personal season preparation.

“I’ve been to a few places up north such as Boyne Mountain, and I think it’s important for team members to practice by themselves in areas that have snow before our season if possible.”

With the late start, new team members may not know how to prepare, but the senior captains, Christian Bethea, Thomas Carano, Lucy McLean, and junior captain Molly O’Meara are helping them prepare.

“We have worked to make sure the newer guys know what they are getting into, and we tried to give them a few tips on how to prepare,” Christian stated regarding the novice racers. The captains have reached out to the newer members so they know what to expect come to the start of the season, but also they can prepare themselves even if only with conditioning.

The ski team is a close-knit team, a family, and the athletes are working together to overcome the obstacles put in front of them. With great leadership from captains and coaches, the team is poised for another great season.