Girls bowling meets Greenville in a stalemate


The girls bowling team tied with a score of 15-15 in their match against Greenville. This is huge for the ladies, not only does it show their strength, but it shows their willingness to work hard.

Fans have heard a lot of things about this year’s bowling team, that it is inexperienced and unskilled, and I’m wondering if those people are watching the same team I am. The team I’m watching is facing adversity head-on, the Greenville bowling team is not an easy component, they are the exact opposite. They are known for being a strong team each year and our Lady Rangers showed them what they can do. While keeping their composure, this team put up the best fight the Yellow Jackets have seen all season.

“We played very well!” said junior Letizia Cumbo-Nacheli. “Everyone played great. Personally, I broke 100 twice which is where I want to be right now.”

The name FHC girls bowling does not carry a lot of weight right now, but the ladies are doing a great job at trying to change the narrative. You can tell that this team is beginning to connect and become closer together. Their trust in one another is only growing, and it is allowing the girls to break preconceived notions about their team’s ability to compete.

“I feel like we are improving every day and making our school reputation better in bowling,” quoted senior Paris Gooch.

The next opponent on the ladies’ calendar is the Byron Center Bulldogs. The Bulldogs are a tough opponent but nothing the girls can’t handle, the Greenville match answered a lot of questions about the remainder of this season, and if the ladies can keep their momentum going they could this program to new heights.