Henry McNamara


Name: Henry McNamara

Grade: Freshman

Sport: Freshman Basketball

How long have you been playing this sport?

“I have been playing basketball since 2nd grade on YMCA teams, then I played travel basketball at Michigan Basketball Academy.”

How do you plan to improve your skill in this sport?

“I plan to work on shooting and dribbling specifically, but honestly just my all-around skills as a Rangerball player.”

What is your go-to meal before a game?

“I try to have a Jimmy Johns sandwich before each game, but if I am unable to have a sub then I like to just have a protein shake and some carbs to energize myself.”

How has playing this sport impacted your life?

“I think it helps me to become a better leader in the highs and lows, but I also think it helps me to become a better team player.”