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Should court storming be banned?


One topic in the college basketball community has recently been in the headlines for causing controversy. It’s not about a player or a new rule change; it’s courtstorming. 

Courtstorming usually happens when an unexpected upset occurs during a college basketball game. It’s always been around; fans and students have done it to celebrate a big win by their team, but in the 2023-24 season, it’s become a massive problem. 

Fans storming the court has led to players—those on the losing team—getting injured. 

When fans stormed the court in Columbus at the Iowa versus Ohio State women’s basketball game on January 21st, a fan collided with Iowa’s star player Caitlin Clark. Clark wasn’t seriously injured, but the fan blindsided her, knocked the wind out of her, and pushed her to the ground. 

Similarly, in men’s basketball, Duke’s star center Kyle Filipowski suffered a knee injury after a fan plowed into him in the Blue Devils’ recent upset loss to Wake Forest on Saturday, February 24. 

While these are the only injuries that have happened this season, the intensity of the storms has also been a problem. Within seconds, the entire court will be filled with fans running onto the floor, stopping at nothing to celebrate the win. 

Besides the storm intensities, fans have been inconsiderate and disrespectful towards the losing team and the game itself.

Before this season—based on my previous, personal witness—it has seemed like the fans have waited for the final buzzer before running onto the court. Now, even if it’s a small upset, the fans will start to run onto the court with as much as 10 seconds remaining in the game. 

I am all for the celebration of a victory, but if you, as a fan, are running onto the court while the game is technically still going on, that’s just crossing a line. 

Because of all that has happened recently, with injuries and the number of court storms, most collegiate coaches and sports analysts have been giving their input on the idea of a potential court-storming ban. 

I think that courtstorming should be allowed, but to a certain extent. 

With the amount of storms this year, you would think that school security teams and event managers would be ready for an upset. 

They are not, however, and this is why the question of the need for a potential ban has come up. 

I suggest that instead of a ban, schools should adjust and take preventative measures for the storms. Maybe having security managing each section of the arenas.  

This way, they can hold back the crowds until the game ends and the losing team exits the court. It takes away from the idea of it being an immediate celebration, but it keeps players safe, which is important. 

An example of this working is during the Michigan versus Ohio State game the past two times it has been played in Ann Arbor.

Michigan has a massive amount of security and event personnel around its stadium. When fans stormed the field after Michigan’s victories in the 2021 and 2023 seasons, security held back fans until Ohio State was off the field. 

I’m aware football and basketball have their respective differences, but if schools start considering these measures, it could be perfected.

In my final opinion, courtstorming should be kept legal. A ban would only cause more issues for the schools and conferences from angry fans. Courtstorming is a way for fans to celebrate their teams, and after all, it’s supposed to be a fun experience.

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