The best sports related books

The best sports related books

As we all know, books are some of the best ways to gather information and immerse yourself in a different world. This applies to all genres categorized in both fiction and non-fiction. However, especially in the genre of sports, there are many informative and excellent sports novels out there. Through reading such books, a reader can gain better insight to the world of sports in general, a specific sport, or learn ways to improve skill set and more. As said before, there are countless numbers of extraordinary sports books in the world, so it’s time to shut off the game on TV, choose a comfortable place to sit down, and begin to turn the pages–here are some titles that come highly recommended:

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Now, the first book listed may not be completely geared towards sports. However, it comes first because mental health and your mindset is extremely vital to your performance on and off of the field. This book outlines everything about good and bad habits while focusing on your mindset. It claims to help you “overcome a lack of motivation and willpower”, “get back on track when you fall off course” and “design your environment to make success easier.” With around 90,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, this book has proven to be effective and a staple for many people.

The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance by David Epstein

For anyone wondering how athletes like Michael Jordan and Serena Williams became so great, this book may be for you. Its pages delve into a deep discussion on genetics, training, and willpower. Epstein explores the world of athletic success and how it relates to genetics, and even luck. Similarly to Atomic Habits, this novel also has a stellar rating on Amazon of about 4.6 stars.

The Cloudbuster Nine: The Untold Story of Ted Williams and the Baseball Team That Helped Win World War II by Anne Keene

Historical books are always captivating, especially stories of war and struggle. This tear-jerking novel centered around WW2 and a baseball team coined the Cloudbuster Nine will have your eyes glued to every page. “With the help of rare images and insights from World War II baseball veterans such as Yankees legends Dr. Bobby Brown and Eddie Robinson, the story of this remarkable team is brought to life for the first time,” states the book’s description. If you love a good historical tale and sports, this may be the novel for you.

If These Walls Could Talk by Jon Falk

Michigan football is a revered thing among many, especially in Grand Rapids. Loyal and enthusiastic fans lie everywhere, and if you find yourself resonating with that, If These Walls Could Talk is likely a future love of yours. This book contains a great many tales and stories about Michigan football, written by Falk, the equipment manager for the University of Michigan football team. Additionally, there is also a foreword by Tom Brady, former University of Michigan football player. Highly rated on Amazon, this book is sure to fill your heart’s desire with all things Michigan football.