The freshman Rangerball team is primed for success this year


Winter break is almost here at FHC and basketball is just around the corner, specifically the freshman Rangerball team. The boys look to make this year a special one, with new stars ready to emerge and new opportunities to come. There are a few goals that this year’s team has including team chemistry, rising up and over potential adversity, and playing with an edge.

This year’s freshman basketball team is primed for a potentially great season, but they need to unite to make great things happen. Team chemistry is a huge deal for every sports team, all teams need to rise above selfish motives and win in the big things like team chemistry.

Adversity is like the devil in sports, it’s always there to try to break a team apart. Bad situations like injuries can happen inside a program and this can break a team down, but at FHC, players rise above hard times and adversity and this leads to greatness. The freshmen boys will do the same thing, they’ll rise above and show the core values of the Rangerball program. Stars can get hurt, but the funny thing about sports is it’s mostly a team game. Teams are there for each other and they can make sure adversity doesn’t happen, we all know that the team will do just this.

This year will be a great year for the freshman team but they need to execute the little things. Good defense, getting steals, and blocked shots will be keys to winning this year. They need to leave everything on the court and play ball, if they do this they will pull out wins. The group of guys is small but a scrappy team that is able to pull off some incredible wins. The roster is still being finalized for the team but the boys’ first scrimmage is in the coming week so be prepared Ranger Country, this team will shock you.