2022 Michigan Football: “The Game”

2022 Michigan Football: The Game

“Hate week”, a storied match-up between two teams: the Michigan Wolverines and the Ohio State Buckeyes. The rivalry itself started in 1918 between the Bucks and the Wolverines, but this was not the first time these two teams met each other. The first ever match-up between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Michigan Wolverines was played in 1897. This game was ultimately won by the Wolverines with a final score of 36-0, as previously stated though, this was not a “rivalry” until 1918 when Michigan won with the final score of 14-0. All of this saying, there is a deep and storied rivalry between these two teams.

As the week rolls on and multiple teams try to punch their ticket to the College Football Playoff, the Michigan Wolverines have one goal in mind and that’s to beat the team from down south. The Buckeyes have been a dominant figure in this match-up as of late, winning 15 of 17 games against the Wolverines. They hope to continue this as the game will be played in Columbus at the Horseshoe. The Wolverines are poised to win this game though coming in with a Heisman candidate of their own in Blake Corum. Last year when the Wolverines pulled off an upset, they ran the ball over 40 times for a total of 297 yards, most coming from senior Hassan Haskins. This year, they will need to continue pulling off chunk yardage running plays with Blake Corum and Donovan Edwards. 

The Game is a game like no other. OSU and Michigan always come ready to play with 110% effort. The Wolverines will need to do a few things on the field to win:

  1. They need to shut down Marvin Harrison Jr., for he is a speedy, shifty, and very talented WR. His ability to catch in very tight spaces is uncanny, therefore the Michigan corners and safeties will need to be on their game.
  2. Keep CJ Stroud under pressure. He is another OSU player who will find windows, gaps, and everything in between. The Wolverines need to keep him under pressure and in high stress situations.
  3. Make sure to stop the OSU running game. If the passing game is not working for Ohio State, they will put the ball on the ground and run it. Michigan needs to make sure inside lineman and outside lineman do their job in stopping the run game.

This game will determine the Big Ten East Championship, so mark my words, both teams will be ready to play. When both teams get on the field, there will be a collision course ready to happen. Michigan versus Ohio St. is the biggest college football rivalry, and it happens on Saturday at noon on FOX.

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