FHC falls to Hudsonville in regional semi-finals


The Rangers suffered a season-ending loss this past Tuesday night. The ladies fell to the Eagles in three sets in the regional semifinals. This was one match less in the postseason than last year’s team who fell in the regional finals to Rockford.

The regional semi-final game showcased flaws in the Ranger’s play. With too many mistakes in play, the ladies could not follow through with the win. These are heart-wrenching sentences to write about a team that has pushed through so much adversity this season. From being projected as an average team at the beginning of the season, to now being a top-five team in the state is not an achievement to be overlooked. This team has bonded so strongly, and it really showed after Tuesday’s match.

“When we showed all of our vulnerable emotions at the end of the match it really showed just how much we love each other and this volleyball season and it was a bittersweet moment,” junior Ayla Ahmetovic stated.

One thing that this team has improved on was bonding as a team. The ladies have clearly shown their friendship and trust in one another this season, and it is a big part of why they went undefeated in the regular season.

“Although we didn’t win, I’m super proud of my teammates and team as a whole,” quoted junior Brooke Bowers. ”I’m super happy we made it as far as we did.”

It is good to hear that the ladies aren’t taking the loss too harshly, in reality obsessing over it only makes things worse and harder to overcome. It was a sad end to what will always be known as one of the best volleyball seasons in school history, and nobody can take that away from these strong-willed ladies.