Disc golf at FHC


Disc golf is sort of like a pig. Everybody knows what they are, but do you really know about them? For example, did you know that a pig physically can’t look up at the sky? Or, did you know that there are many different types of shots in disc golf, including forehand, backhand, sidearm, and tomahawk shots? Prior to gaining a deeper insight to the actual rules of this paradoxically somewhat well-known game, let’s first see what the students of FHC know about disc golf.

Sophomore Rowan Szpieg, an apparent disc golf enthusiast, surprisingly doesn’t have a keen knowledge about the sport. “I don’t know much about disc golf, but I know some people who have played, and they said it was really fun. I have never watched an actual disc golf match, but I know that it requires a lot of skill and accuracy,” Rowan said.

In comparison to Rowan, senior Mazie Carpentier shares the same amount of knowledge about the game, but unlike Rowan, she has actually played it. “I know a little bit about disk golf. Yes, I have tried it. I liked using all of the different disks for different rounds,” said Mazie. “I’ve played it a couple of times with my brother, and he has told me the rules and what it’s about, but I have never watched an official game.”

In addition to the previous students’ limited knowledge of the game, sophomore Abby Gleason is mostly unfamiliar with many of the rules; however, impressively, she does know some of the terminology. “I know very little about disk golf. All I know is that the “goals” are called baskets and a hole-in-one is called an ace. It’s crazy how people can aim for a basket from so far away, but I guess it is very similar to regular golf,” said Abby.

Senior Bernice Graciya also knows some about the disc golf game. “I love disc golf even though I suck at it personally,” Bernice said. “I watched a disc golf match and it was very exciting and funny to watch because people kinda have bad eyesight. And I know they always throw ten feet away from the target.” Being a novice player myself, I didn’t know if it was true that players always throw from ten feet away from the target, but with my inquisitions, my research has told me otherwise. 

So, now that we know how little students at FHC know about disc golf, let’s divulge the actualities of this sport that is growing in popularity. Disc golf is very similar to regular golf, but instead of using clubs and balls, players use flying discs that resemble frisbees. The discs are of different sizes and weight, and players choose specific discs to use depending on how far they are from the target. Players begin at a tee area and end at a target which is usually a large, elevated, metal basket. Players make their way down the fairway starting where the disc ended from the previous throw. When the disc lands in the basket, the hole is completed.

Now that we know more about the game, I beg to ask the question: Would FHC students like to play disc golf? Both Mazie and Abby say no, they would not like to play. “I probably won’t end up trying it because it sounds hard, but props to anyone that is into it,” Abby said. “Disc golf seems difficult since sometimes you cannot predict where the disc goes. I would not join a team, but I have heard of the “Great Lakes Disc” team.”

Mazie agrees and said, “I wouldn’t join it because it’s not something I would consider doing as a sport; it’s more of just a fun game. But I feel as if it would thrive at FHC for other students.”

Luckily, not all students are afraid to try something new as both Rowan and Bernice would jump at the opportunity. “I would like to try it again if somebody offered to teach me. I would join a team. I think it would be a really fun pastime,” remarked Rowan. Bernice agreed and said, “I have never tried disc golf, but I would love to. I think it’s a great game to play with a bunch of friends. I think the game can improve team building.”

Students of FHC, take this simplistic information presented to you and your willingness to partake in something to your local park and see if disc golf is your next leisurely past time.