Take the time to give thanks to those around you


FHC Sports Report

Let’s be thankful for our Friday night lights.

As the leaves turn brown and crunch on the ground, the holiday spirit rolls around. Many student-athletes at FHC express their thanks to families, friends, and coaches throughout the community. 

Senior diver Payton Dailey has a newfound family through her teammates. When an athlete is around people for hours of practice and meets, it’s difficult not to grow close to peers. The diver expresses her thanks for all the joy swimming and diving have given her.

“I am most thankful for the friendships I have gained from diving,” Peyton explained. “The girls on my team are some of the closest friends, and they make me laugh constantly.” 

Nothing brings a team together more than winning games. The more the team wins, the more the athletes play, the more memories are made. The varsity football team has powered through strong competition with talent and chemistry. Without this chemistry, the FHC football team would’ve found itself stomped once again by Mona Shores. 

Someone who helps exemplify the brotherhood is senior Travis Bolt. He has been around his teammates since his adolescence. Along with his strong team chemistry, Travis has had his parents’ support throughout his entire football career. 

“My mom has always been there when I am down after a game or practice,” Travis stated. “She is always trying to help me out, and I am thankful for her. I am also thankful to be playing with my buddies, they’re supportive even when I mess up a play.” 

Students will find themselves thankful for many different things. Some will mention people, while others bring up the ability to belong to a group. Sophomore Meredith Bethea plays varsity volleyball and expresses her thankfulness for her community, coaches, and opportunities. 

“I am thankful to be able to belong in a club and be fortunate enough to play in school,” Meredith said. “My club coach last year has impacted my mindset and how I play now. She truly believed in me no matter what. She showed me what volleyball was supposed to be like and how a leader should act.” 

An athlete can’t grow without a good role model. He or she needs to find some standard to live up to. Without this leadership, they can’t grow as players, people, and friends. Luckily, Meredith has had this support throughout her life. 

“I know my coach would never give up hope on anyone,” Meredith stated. “She was always a positive role model who I looked up to.” 

Athletes can benefit greatly from reflection on how they can succeed the way they do. Sports can help students in life for college, scholarships, and overall mental health. While practice and hard work are necessary, no athlete can make it to their greatest potential on their own. 

If a student is lost in their head and confidence, they forget the people they owe it to. Parents lose money and time to see their children succeed. Coaches sacrifice time with their own families to see a group of athletes succeed. Giving thanks should range in all sports such as swim and dive, football, and volleyball. 

Coaches should thank their players, and players should thank their coaches. With Thanksgiving approaching, everyone should look past the sport he or she plays and instead acknowledge those who made these opportunities possible. 

“It’s important to give thanks,” Meredith said. “Sometimes, you can forget where you came from, what is important, and most of all, how you got to where you are now.”