The Ranger Volleyball Team wins their first match of the post-season


The start of what should be a strong playoff run for the Rangers has begun. With the ladies’ first match against the Lowell Red Arrows resulting in a victory, they advanced to the next round to face off against Caledonia. This is just the beginning of what should be a long post-season journey for the ladies.

Wednesday’s match against Lowell looked solid, with the Rangers taking control for practically the entire match. It was a display of dominance for the ladies, and truly showcased their ability to play quickly and strongly. Senior captain Sarah Dunn was one of the night’s stand-out players, her ability to set up plays and deliver spikes with high velocity set her apart from most players in the district. Along with Dunn, players such as Avery Weslow, Kate Hotaling, and Kadence Rolfelzma also had very outstanding performances.

“We played very well as a team,” said junior Avery Weslow.  “The things we worked on in practice really paid off.”

It is very reassuring to see the Rangers play as well as they did after suffering a tough loss to FHN in the conference championship. Great teams do not dwell on their losses, they learn from them and move on in pursuit of greater achievements. This is exactly what the Rangers displayed on Wednesday night.

The next opponent is Caledonia, a good opponent but nothing the Rangers can’t handle. If FHC has the same team that fans saw on Wednesday then it’s safe to say the Rangers can count on another win for the Ranger volleyball team. The way they play on Thursday night is important, but so is the way they prepare for that match. Any underdog team can crush another team’s post-season dreams, so the Rangers need to be ready for anything.

“We are focusing on having a positive spirit going into the match,” quoted senior Kate Hotaling, “as well as having everyone engaged and focused on the game.”

This is just another step the Rangers have to take to reach the top of the hill. The hill being the Regional Championship and beyond. It may be a steep climb, but one the ladies are more than capable of conquering.