FHC falls to FHN in confernce championship


This past Thursday was a tough day for the FHC Ranger Volleyball Team. In their biggest match of the year so far, they fell to the FHN Huskies in the conference championship. The score sheet does not show the whole story behind this game. The ladies may have lost in three sets, but their effort displayed on the court was solid. However, the Huskies are a very good team, everyone who went to that game had to admit that. The Rangers could have won that match since they have defeated FHN before, but it looked like the Huskies wanted it more. Junior Kadence Roelfzema reflected on the morale of the team.

“I think that the difference maker in Thursday’s match was our energy and drive,” Kadence said. “We didn’t play bad, but we just weren’t in it. I can’t speak for everyone but I don’t think we were in the right mindset.”

Not being in the right mindset is something fans haven’t seen too often from the Rangers. If this is the worst thing they take from this matchup then they are in for a solid postseason. Even while they weren’t in the right state of mind, they still played strong. They kept it close with the Huskies for most of the match.

What’s most important for the ladies now is looking ahead into the playoffs and determining how they are going to pivot in the right direction, then they can see the most success out of the countless hours of hard work they have put into this season.

“What is going to be important for us this post-season is our ability to pay attention to key details and do whatever it takes so that we can see the best results out of the playoffs this year,” quoted junior Avery Weslow.

What the Rangers need to do is reset, any mistakes or problems need to be forgotten. Any team can crush another team’s playoff dreams, so the ladies need to be ready for anything and everything. This playoff run can be a successful one, but it relies solely on how the Rangers choose to go into it.