The school spirit brought by the FHC dance team


An important tradition at FHC is the school spirit. An important part of the school spirit is the dance team. 

Previously known as the pom squad, the FHC dance team is a hard-working, diligent part of our school’s community. They bring enthusiasm to pep rallies and athletic events.

Freshman Lydia Morey talks about what she thinks the dance team does for our school. “We make it so there is something fun to watch and we try to play fun songs to get everyone excited,” Lydia says. “I think we are appreciated by the students, and we are lucky to always be cheered on by the crowd.”

Seniors Emma Geib and Addi Bunnell agree. “We definitely get the student section hyped up, and also we just show off our skills and what we can do,” said Emma. “We have a ton of our student fans who really enjoy watching us perform and it’s really nice to be recognized,” added Addi.

There seems to be a unanimous opinion within the dance team on the team chemistry and how well all of the girls work together. Addi Bunnell believes that the team is bonding very well, especially since they aren’t far into their season. “Our season has been pretty good. A lot of the team is new this year, but it has been really nice getting to know everybody and everybody gets along really well for everybody being so new. We’ve made a really big goal to intermingle between classes so we avoid cliques,” Addi says.”We are a really diverse team in the way that all our personalities are different, but at the same time, we bond really well and we are already bonding really well and everybody is friends with everybody.”

Lydia Morey agrees and says, “We are a really close team and we are all really good friends. We are always good at pushing each other and making sure that we can be the best we can be, and we always take criticism very well. Overall, it’s been really fun. We’ve done lots of team building, and I’ve gotten to know lots of upperclassmen on the team.”

Though the team seems extremely experienced and has bonded so well, they have many freshmen on the team. Freshman Fiona Overdevest is glad to be on such a welcoming varsity team. “It’s really cool being a freshman on varsity, and only having a varsity team is nice because it kind of unites us all and makes the freshmen want to be even better. Freshmen can really look to the upperclassmen if we need help with anything,” Fiona said.

Lydia Morey agrees but is also feeling the pressure that any underclassmen feel on a varsity team. “Being a freshman on varsity has been really fun, and it’s been good to get to know the upperclassmen,” Lydia said. “Because there is only one team, I think it’s been fun to be on varsity freshman year, but it’s also hard to make sure that you are up to par.”

Seniors Addi Bunnell and Emma Geib both have advice for the underclassmen on their team. “Work hard,” said Emma. “If you put that extra push in, it’s going to make a big difference.”

“Just give it your all, enjoy your time on the team with everybody, and don’t take anything for granted because it goes by a lot quicker than you think it will,” said Addi.

The FHC dance team is important to our community and helps bring school spirit to everyone in the crowd. The girls work hard to be the best they can be for games and competitions. Good luck to the dance team this winter for their upcoming competitions.