Varsity tennis concludes their season in heartbreaking fashion


Philip Murdock

One last pumped up yell from Sammy Yin to conclude the season.

This team had lots of highs and very few lows but the odds were not in its favor. However, varsity tennis has never been closer to each other. 

On a positive note, the Rangers had three flights of singles players in the semis and one flight in the finals. Unfortunately, the boys placed fifth in the state tournament. Senior Chris Shang was on fire throughout his matches until injury took him down. 

Senior captain Sammy Yin has been a star all season. He has been a leader to his fellow seniors and underclassman. This team has meant the world to him and leaving is not easy. 

“I will miss the environment,” Sammy explained. “Tennis is an individual sport and most of the time, you enter a tournament by yourself. It’s not like other sports where you have a team to play. It’s been so much fun just to have a team support you.”

While the outcome is not what was expected, the bonds created are unmatched. In high school sports, winning is temporary, but the memories are forever. Varsity tennis was led by three captains this season. Seniors Chris Shang, Sammy Yin, and Noah Kriekard. These seniors leave a legacy behind for the younger players to carry on. 

FHC tennis has always been a team to go to states. What is more impressive is the players’ impact on one another. 

This article concludes the FHC varsity tennis season. The hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed and the special moments will never be forgotten. Thank you, boys, for a fantastic season to write on. Sammy Yin concluded his season with one last message to his teammates. 

“Thank you so much for making my senior season a good one,” Sammy expressed. “I appreciate all of you for supporting me. For all the underclassmen it’s up to you to keep FHC tennis thriving. We’ve always been one of the state’s top teams; let’s continue that tradition. Good luck next season.”