Varsity tennis finds success in regional tournament

Being a senior athlete is no easy job. They’re often seen as leaders, teachers, or role models. While these are all difficult jobs, the hardest part of senior year, is saying goodbye. Luckily, the boys still have states after a successful regional tournament. 

FHC tied for first place with Mattawan concluding the regional tournament. The boys continue to push for their state title, and their practice is paying off. Senior Chris Shang greatly contributed to FHC’s success and expressed much glee from it. 

“I am very happy with my regional performance,” Chris said. “Especially since it was my first time winning the tournament on my flight. The day started off a little slow but I picked it up in the finals and won my last regionals.” 

It took the whole team to get where the boys are now, and with states next week, coach Dan Bolhouse is proud of his crew and the accomplishments achieved thus far. 

“The boys have improved a lot this year and we are playing our best at the right time of the season,” Bolhouse exclaimed. “I’m very confident going to States. We’ve faced all the top teams during the season so there won’t be any surprises. We will be ready to compete and give our best effort!”

The confidence from coach Bolhouse is rubbing off on the boys. Since the beginning of the season, he has talked about a deep playoff run from this team and it is all coming together. 

The competition won’t be easy, but the tennis team sees it as a plus; if they secure a state title then it will feel that much more deserved.

“There are several great teams and we have a big opportunity to beat,” Bolhouse explained. “Midland Dow is the favorite and FHN is right up there. Mattawan, Seaholm, Groves, GPS, GPN, and Okemos are all excellent teams that we will see in our draws.” 

While nearing the end of the season is exciting, it can also be surreal for seniors on the team. They have been dedicating years to their sport and are hit with the fact that this could be their last tennis match. 

“It definitely doesn’t feel real going into states one last time as a senior,” Chris explained. “I can’t believe the season and my high school career is coming to an end already. We have a great team this year and have a good chance of winning states, so I’m gonna put it all on the court and have a good final run.”

It is heartwarming to see that the seniors’ love of the sport is revealed most when time is almost up. Hopefully, it will inspire them to bring home a trophy to Ranger country. Next week the boys head to states and may play their last games of tennis to secure one more win for FHC tennis.