New rules in the MLB are changing the game for worse


A couple of new rules are being added to the MLB beginning in the 2023 season. The new rules include no infield shifts, which entails that all infielders must have two feet on the infield dirt before the pitch is thrown. This also means that two infielders must be on each side of second base before the pitch is thrown.

Another rule focuses on the pitch clock. Without a runner on base, the pitcher must throw the ball within fifteen seconds of having the baseball and within twenty seconds with runners on base. This means that once the pitcher receives the ball from the catcher, he has a certain amount of time to get set and start his windup. Failure to meet this time frame will result in an automatic ball in the count.

I think these rules are extremely stupid. These rules are taking away aspects of the game in an attempt to make the game shorter and more enjoyable to watch. I don’t understand why both of these rules are being put into place. Personally, I believe it is absurd, for the powers that be are changing the game slowly but surely.

The entire reason a team would perform an infield shift is due to the tendencies of a batter to hit the ball to a certain side of the field a certain percentage of the time. For example, if a player hits the ball to the right side of the field ninety percent of the time they get a hit, most teams will shift their infield, thus putting themselves in the best position to get the batter out. By taking away infield shifts, you’re taking away a manner in which a team takes advantage of a player’s weakness.

If you’re in the MLB and you can’t hit either side of the field, that’s a problem. At that level, it shouldn’t even matter because a professional athlete should be able to control every aspect of the game that he can. However, for those who can’t control where they hit the ball, an infield shift is the perfect way to put a team at a higher advantage, and taking that away would give a cushion for those who only hit to one side of the field.

It angers me that the MLB commissioners are trying to take away aspects of the game to “even the playing field.” It doesn’t make sense!

If you’re going to attempt to shorten a game, then minimize the time a team has to warm up in between innings, but putting a timer on a pitcher so that games can be a half-hour shorter is lousy.

As a baseball player myself, I can’t help but wonder what the commissioners were thinking when they came up with this. Putting a timer on a pitcher is one more thing for him to worry about, and this is going to rush pitchers thus leading to inconsistency in pitches and performance. For the amount of money these players are being paid, it seems like a waste of money if you don’t allow players to play at their full potential. Overall, this is going to have a major impact on the scoreboard and the outcome of games.

So, to all of the people in the MLB who are ruining the game, wake up quick and realize the stupidity in  your decisions! After you come to your senses, do us all a favor and return the game to its normal and natural state.