A letter to the FHC community and student body


Steve Passinault

FHC Sports Report hosts a booth at the annual community tailgate.

This piece will be difficult to write, but it needs to go out. I love FHC. I love the community. I love the staff, and I love my graduating class. However, the one thing I can’t get behind is the belief that football runs FHC. 

Forest Hills Central began in 1958 and was built from the ground up. While the school was built with concrete and stone, the reputation was built on excellence in all departments with students going to Harvard for their academic prowess and student-athletes committing to Big 10 schools for various sports. 

With that said, FHC has lost track of that excellence across all sports. We have an excellent football program here and will continue to strive. However, as of recently, it has been FHC’s only concern. The football team works hard, especially throughout the summer, and it takes a certain type of person to work as hard as the players do. However, so do the individuals on our dance team, our soccer team, our swim and dive team, and many more.

I, just like many other students, love Friday night football games. They’re a great way to end the week, and everyone looks forward to them, but I want to encourage students to attend other sports and support the hard work the other student-athletes put in as well. I was exclusively a football fan only until this year; I started to cover tennis and attended my first soccer game. The sport does not determine the atmosphere – the spectators do.

…the one thing I can’t get behind is the belief that football runs FHC. ”

Imagine stands full of students all dressed in similar attire for a united theme at a field hockey match. Some may say they don’t understand the game of field hockey, and because of, it wouldn’t be enjoyable; however, at least 40% of students in the student section at the football games don’t understand football either. What makes football so different? Why is it placed above the other sports? 

I attended a much-anticipated soccer match between rival teams FHN and FHC. It was the first time I saw a student section of that size at a soccer game, and it was terrific. The energy from the opposing student sections was unmatched, and I would love to see more of that come to our school. 

I want FHC to be known for more than football. We are more than that; we have many strong teams to back it up. While football is still extremely exciting, which we should keep the same attendance up, we should also find time to go to lesser-recognized sports. 

As FHC Rangers, we are known for tradition and excellence. Let’s create a new tradition and normalize large student sections in all sports. Let’s show other schools our excellence in all athletics. Most importantly, let’s take pride in our school and support all of the hardworking student-athletes in their performances. 

Forest Hills Central is more than just football; we are a community.