FHC’s FX show is one of the school’s best kept traditions


Forest Hills Central is home to many different traditions, such as homecoming parades, Ranger Challenges, and tailgates. They make up the aura and spirit of our school. Although many of those are highly memorable for staff and students, undoubtedly the most widely known tradition of FHC is FX.

With its five minute productions, it has captured the antics, memories, athletes, and events of Forest Hills Central for years. It encapsulates the experience and fun of high school, all on camera.  Students jump at the chance to be a part of it, and it’s something that symbolizes FHC greatly.

FX has been an accepted rite of passage for many that walk the halls. The broadcast has seen countless numbers of students throughout the years, so that leaves the question of its origins. “FX was started, I believe, in the early 90s. The teacher I student taught under back in the spring of 2010, Ms. Leyton, was the one who started it. When she retired at the end of that 2009-2010 school year I was hired to take over the program and the course, as well as the Media Communication course,” states Jeff Manders, the longtime head of FX.

Supervising such an integral part of FHC is no easy task, yet Mr. Manders has been doing it for thirteen years. He notes, “These types of courses are exactly what I was hoping to teach when I decided to quit my job in television and go back to school to become a teacher. I love it! And I’m very thankful that I was able to continue these amazing courses that Ms. Leyton started many years ago now. I also teach a Film Projects course that focuses specifically on films and the creation of films. I love working with students and teaching them how to be visual storytellers.” His contributions to FX and its crew are essential to the shows and the sole reason why FX stays successful.

What makes FX so popular among the student body is the fact that it’s mostly governed and produced by students. For many, a shot at being a part of something televised to the entire school is not an opportunity to pass up. Due to the appeal of it, media comm classes fill up rapidly. Senior Peyton Price adds, “FX is just one of those classes that lets you enjoy your time and be creative. I watched the shows every day during my freshman and sophomore years and it was always a funny and entertaining experience.”

While being a good time for many, as well as an outlet for ingenuity, FX also can have a deeper meaning for some. The little things, such as classes or experiences, have the potential to turn into a newfound passion. Students such as Peyton have discovered a love for film and media broadcasting through FX. Peyton continues, “The most important thing I’ve learned from the class is that it’s actually what I want to do as a career. It gave me the dream of being a sports broadcaster after college.”

From reporting the weekly weather, to sports, to all things FHC, FX does it all. The impact that the course and experience have had on not just the essence of the school but students’ futures is tremendous, and that will continue as years go on. It has established its reputation as one of the great traditions of Forest Hills Central and will be one of the many takeaways of high school for scores of students.