The Ranger volleyball team ranks first at the Walled Lake Invitational


As fans may have guessed, the lady Rangers secured the win. This past Saturday, the ladies reign undefeated in their Walled Lake Invite tournament.

The ladies played fast and strong, blowing past their first three opponents of the day, and then began facing better competition but did not step down to the challenge.

“I think we played very well, especially the last game; we played amazing,” senior captain Averie Zaschak said. “We played really well as a team.”

To say the ladies played amazingly is an understatement. The team showed its true colors on Saturday by playing as one unit. The only thing that has held the Rangers down in past matches against tough teams, such as Forest Hills Northern, has been their ability to play as a team. The ladies have shown that they addressed the problem and are now moving forward and getting better each week.

Sarah Dunn is a name you will constantly hear when it comes to FHC volleyball, and she did not disappoint this weekend. The senior won the honors of MVP for the tournament, and her play did the talk for her. Her spikes against her opponents were unstoppable, and her ability to read and react to different plays and situations gave her team the edge in this weekend’s difficult matchups against schools like Bedford and Walled Lake Northern.

“I was honored to have been awarded MVP, but it would not have been possible without every person on this team,” senior captain Sarah Dunn quoted. “Our defensive players and setters are the reason for me getting this award.”

This is a big win for the Rangers and is an excellent way for them to set up for this week’s matchup against the Lowell Red Arrows.

“Winning the tournament was a huge moment for our team,” said Senior Kate Hotaling, “It proved that we can compete at a high level, and winning this tournament will drive us to get after it in future matches.”

This is not the only tournament victory fans will see for the Rangers; at the rate, they are improving, a state championship run is no longer just a dream.