Seder Middaugh



Name: Seder Middaugh

Grade: Sophomore

Sport: JV Football

How long have you been playing this sport?

“I’ve been playing football since I was 5; I started tackle [football] in 3rd grade.”

What is your favorite memory of this sport?

“My favorite memory was when we played Grand Blanc, they had so many people on the other side, like 40, and we still won 14-6.”

How do you plan to improve your skill in this sport?

“Getting faster, stronger, and have better orientation on the field. Specifically plays on the offense and defense sides of the ball.”

What are three fun facts about you?

“I am a three-sport athlete, I am tall, and I don’t like asparagus.”

What or who is your inspiration for this sport?

“My inspiration for football was Odell Beckham, his one-handed catch and just passion he carries on the field resonated with me from a young age.”