Boys varsity lacrosse is final four bound

FHC’s varsity lacrosse team is special, and the word special is an understatement. With an unbreakable bond and natural leaders across the turf, the community should expect these young men to challenge opponents in every game. 

Junior Crandall Quinn had seen many teams rise and fall throughout his time as a Ranger. While he had not lost a game in a while, the future University of Michigan player understands that the mindset going into the game decides how the entire team plays.

“I want [the team] to understand that anybody can beat anybody,” Crandall said. “As long as we give it everything we have, we will get the result we want.”

For the quarterfinals, the Rangers drew the Huskies of Portage Northern. Unlike their conference games, the scouting report for this team was minimal, and the boys had to go into this game expecting a formidable opponent. Despite not knowing too much about the opposition, it didn’t stop players from expressing their anticipation for playing the Huskies. 

“We have never played Portage Northern,” Crandall said. “They’re a great team having an amazing season, and I am excited to play them.” 

The Rangers have very few weaknesses, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their flaws. With an undefeated record, it is very easy to get sloppy. Luckily, with incredible leadership, the team can tackle this minor flaw. 

It can be challenging for FHC to get the adrenaline pumping for opponents not on the same level as the Rangers. The results will show if the team can come into each game like they’re playing the notorious Brother Rice Warriors. 

“As long as we play hard as a team, we are capable of every goal we have set,” Crandall said.

The Rangers did just as Crandall said. With a quick start from both sides, the score became 2-2. The Huskies were relentless with their shots on goal, but luckily it was nothing Crandall couldn’t handle. Finally, the ball was on their half, and it was FHC’s turn to score. 

With senior John Tomsheck ripping three goals to extend their lead, the boys were in a great spot. Notably, junior Jonah Mcconnell had five goals, and Miles had five on the night. The leading player of the night was sophomore Luke Wedder with over 20 face-off wins.

Sophomore Jacob Hartl had three goals on the night, and senior Jack McNamara and junior Dom Schipani had one goal each against the Huskies, with last night being Dom’s first varsity goal.

The quarter-finals game ended in a 19-2 victory from the boys in green. The Rangers are final four bound and will play the winner of GRCC and Haslett on Wednesday, June 8 at 6:00 PM in Grandville. Head coach Andy Shira shared his thoughts about his prominent team and his feelings about the deeper depths of the playoffs.  

“I am extremely proud of this team,” Shira said. “I think these upperclassmen have bonded with the younger guys making it a unique experience. We also have one of the strongest strengths of schedule in Michigan at this point in the season. This is a phenomenal accomplishment for these players.”

Coach Shira was unsure how forming only a varsity team would play out, but he is more than proud of these young men he coaches today. The team is looking to keep its foot on the gas deep into the playoffs. 

“The message will be the same as it has been all season,” Shira said. “ We have to show up every day mentally focused and ready to go. We have to treat every practice as though it is our last, and that guy you’re going up against is the toughest guy you’ll face. [Our team] has a goal to play on June 11 and win a state championship, but that won’t happen if we get complacent and take days off.”