Varsity softball’s freshmen all-stars bring plenty of tools for success

The girls are back this season, and FHC’s softball team has lots of natural talent within the group this year. The softball teams are a mix of FHN and FHC with all different types of grades. Junior Maya Holser has been playing for years, so she knows exactly what it takes to be a good teammate. 

“[The freshmen] will bring speed to the team, along with the ability to hit and even a good defensive aspect to the game,” Maya said.

To these upcoming varsity players, the pressure is on. However, the team will always have their back. The most potent part of softball is each teammate’s support to one another. This support is necessary to a team’s success, but it also decides how it recovers from failure. So, for these freshmen to succeed, the upper-level students must be pushing them in a positive direction. 

“I think it is going to be a challenge at first [for the girls],” Maya said. “Once they get the hang of it, they should have no problem. The girls are ready and deserve to play at a higher level.”

The junior and senior ladies are on board. The nerves of being a freshman on varsity can hit a player hard. Freshman Avery Koehler is a solid hitter that the team loves to have around. How might playing at the varsity level affect Avery physically and mentally? 

“At first, I was nervous about diving into the deep end without JV experience,” Avery said. “But the team has been supportive, so it’s not quite as intimidating.” 

Avery is one of three freshmen on varsity, with some playing both JV and varsity ball. While she is on the JV roster, the varsity team depends on her just the same as anyone else. 

“Avery has [an excellent] bat,” Maya said. “She knows the game super well, and it will benefit us greatly this year.”

While the pressure of varsity is on, Avery is still a leader to her JV softball team. She is glad to be doubling up, so she doesn’t lose that JV experience. 

Avery’s teammates impact her time as a Lady Ranger. She takes any advice they give as a chance to get better. The bond they create this year will be an excellent tool for success. 

“I appreciate the support,” Avery said. “I also appreciate the honesty. The best way to improve is through good constructive criticism, and the best part is I know they will be truthful with me.” 

Varsity softball is looking bright this year, and in big thanks to its younger players. This is the team that will overcome adversity, and they will celebrate the best victories.

Tough love is really the greatest way to learn”

— Avery Koehler


“I am excited to see how they improve this year,” Maya said. “I want to see what new skills they can bring to our team.”

Hopefully, younger players will see these ladies in action, and the sport can grow at FHC. Avery is a great example of how far hard work and dedication can get somebody within a sport, regardless of age or grade. 

“Don’t try to compare yourself to others or even be number one,” Avery said. “Set your standards and be proud of yourself for meeting that goal.” 

The teammates and support are what sets FHC apart from other schools. At any given game, one will hear the dugout roaring. The upper-level students appreciate freshmen who put their effort into bettering their team. There are high hopes for varsity softball this year.