JV baseball is a team filled with talent

March 28 marks the first game of the FHC JV baseball season, and the boys are amped up. With a group of guys that have worked together for a while and even a new superstar freshman, the Rangers hope to make a great conference run. 

“I think we have a talented team,” sophomore Jacob Robertson said. “We have some great chemistry, which will take us far this season. With this many talented players, it will be a challenge to our coaches this year who to put in.” 

Chemistry is the boys’ greatest weapon. Their lineup consists of all the different hitters a team would need, and FHC has its sluggers and speedsters. Every team has weaknesses throughout the season, though. Jacob has been around the FHC baseball scene for years and knows exactly what factors make a team struggle throughout the season. 

“Our team consists of 17 players, so there is a lot of competition [for playing time],” Jacob said. “But, I am sure everyone will find a way to contribute.” 

A team of this size should have lots of contribution from everyone, but somebody hoping to have a breakthrough season after being pulled up is freshman Braedon Rozema. Every team needs a flamethrowing pitcher on the bump, and this freshman phenom is just that.  

“I’m excited to get to know the kids I am playing with,” Braedon said. “It is a big difference when you are the youngest on the team and not being familiar with your group of guys.”

The six-foot freshman has sparked lots of respect from teammates and may become an ace this year. Not only can he pitch, but this kid can hit for miles. 

“He’s a great guy who brings a strong arm to our pitching staff,” Jacob said. “It will be a pleasure to have him on the team.” 

Not only will he bring a great arm to the field, but he brings an even greater attitude along with him.

“I think he fits in well; he is entertaining to have on the team and just be around,” Jacob said. 

The boys from last season have some idea of which opponents they might want to keep an eye on. Last year’s freshman team played challenging games against Hudsonville, Bryon Center, and Caledonia—they expect nothing less this year. 

“I am most excited just to play baseball in some warm weather,” Jacob said. “I think we will be one of the best teams [in the conference] this year.”