Analyzing the Russell Wilson trade and what the Broncos are really getting


It wasn’t even a decade ago when the Seattle Seahawks–led by a young Russell Wilson and the Legion of Boom–clinched their first world championship in franchise history against Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos.

Now, just 9 years later, Seattle and Denver’s front offices have arranged a trade for the veteran QB. This news broke right around the time of Aaron Rodgers’ announcement of returning home, so it was clear that the Wilson was definitely 1B on the list. 

Denver has used 11 starting quarterbacks since Peyton Manning retired in 2016. As a result, a five-year span of losing seasons has broken out due to the mediocrity at the offensive helm. 

However, this shocking trade for Wilson has given Denver fans the most hope they have had since the Manning era. Wilson will enter the Mile High City with 292 career touchdown passes under his belt, which is the second-highest in history for a QB’s first 10 seasons.

Going the other way in the deal for Denver will be a handful of valuable picks and a couple of already-solid pieces. The main focus of the deal is the Broncos’ next two first-round picks, along with two second-rounders. It will be tough for them to let go of Noah Fant–a young tight-end–and Shelby Harris, who has been a key leader for this Denver defense, but the front office has finally put the team in a “no excuses” mode.

Denver also sent quarterback Drew Lock to Seattle, which is an intriguing move. Lock disappointed for the Broncos after they set him up for success, which poses a particular question: is Drew Lock going to be the guy to turn it around for the Seahawks? Personally, I believe that Lock is serviceable as a backup, and nothing more. Even then, he has made his fair share of thoughtless mistakes in that backup role.

As for Russell Wilson, I think there’s no doubt that he is ecstatic about this outcome. It was his time to go in Seattle, and Denver provides him with an opportunity to revamp his career. He has been solid over the years but has failed to return to his MVP state since the mid-to-late 2010s. Still, the Broncos will give him many weapons.

They locked up receivers Tim Patrick and Courtland Sutton this past season with multi-year contracts, and you can’t forget about the two youngsters; Jerry Jeudy and KJ Hamler were both members of the 2020 draft class and are absolute speed demons on the inside and out. 

Overall, I think this trade worked out really well for the Broncos. They finally got their guy at QB without sacrificing too much, and are in a position to succeed with a young core, new coaches, and revamped leadership. 

All that’s left now for Denver is to strike it big with some O-Lineman in free agency.