Why Michigan’s all-decade basketball team would beat that of Michigan State


When glancing back at the best Michigan basketball players of the last decade, a pool of players comes to mind. There is one consistency to each hooper; each had tremendous success individually or as a team.

These success stories were derived from one man: former head coach John Beilein. Beilein changed the program standards from the moment he entered the scene. Michigan’s all-decade team would consist of these five players:

PG- Trey Burke

Trey Burke should be considered one of the greatest Michigan basketball players in the last 30 years. In 2013, he won Big Ten POTY and national POTY while leading his team to the national championship. Burke averaged 16.9 PPG and 5.7 APG.

SG- Nik Stauskas

Stauskas was also a member of the 2013 Final Four team as a freshman. He stayed around for his sophomore season and benefited greatly from it. He averaged 17.5 PPG and was the catalyst of the 2014 squad.

SF- Tim Hardaway Jr.

Hardaway Jr. was Beilein’s first focal player of the program. The three-year starter for the Wolverines averaged 14.3 PPG and 4.1 RPG. He was a perennial scorer for the Wolverines in their Final-Four run and was an elite defender as well. His length made it difficult for opposing players to shoot over him.

PF- Glenn Robinson III 

As a former five-star and blue-chip recruit, Robinson III was a significant name as soon as he arrived on campus. He followed a similar path as Stauskas by staying at Michigan for two years; he averaged 12 PPG and 5 RPG.

C- Moe Wagner

Moe Wagner was one of the most passionate Wolverines in history. The three-year player did not see the floor very often in his first year, but in year two, he became a starter and the most improved player on the squad. He took the biggest jump the next year after also leading Michigan to the national championship.

Michigan’s all-decade team would have a variety of talent, including Burke and Wagner’s scoring, Stauskas’ shooting, and Robinson III’s defense. Still, this Michigan all-decade team would face a much more athletic Michigan State team.

Michigan would have to space the floor and run a five-out offense. Michigan is the better shooting team in this game with Nik Stuaskas and Trey Burke. The Spartans might have the upper hand on offense; however, the Wolverines would match MSU with their shooting. 

Defensively, I don’t think the Wolverines are the strongest, but they have three lock-down players. Trey Burke was an above-average defender, while Hardaway Jr. was an outstanding defender on the perimeter. Glenn Robinson III was the most versatile and the soundest shot blocker. 

This specific game would come down to offensive execution. Michigan’s capability to shoot will be displayed, which will keep up with the high-powered Spartans.

Trey Burke would take advantage of the matchup with Cassius Winston, and Michigan would secure the victory late in a high-scoring battle. 

When comparing the all-decade teams, many comparisons are drawn. But, there’s one thing MSU doesn’t have–the capacity to make winning plays down the stretch.