The Class of 2022 sweeps the juniors in Macho Volleyball


After a hiatus in 2021, Macho Volleyball returned to FHC on Thursday night after nearly two years of anticipation. 

Led by its men up front, the seniors didn’t seem to be phased after facing some early deficits. They communicated well and played together as a complete unit. Despite a solid effort from the juniors, the Class of 2022 exercised its team chemistry to bump, set, and spike its way to a clean 3-0 sweep.

Heading into the night, the matchup at the net was certainly one to watch. Senior studs Jack McNamara and John Tomsheck had to compete with junior Crandall Quinn, who had the ability to take over the competition with his physique. 

But, the senior boys did their job up front and controlled the area around the net,

Although the juniors jumped out to an early lead in the first set, it quickly evaporated thanks to enhanced communication from the seniors. Head coaches Brooklyn Conner, Sophia Galan, Grace Hudkins, and Sophie Shields did a phenomenal job of preparing their squad, and it showed in the team’s execution. 

As the match progressed, the seniors gelled together excellently. Matthew Mittlestadt and Noah Moore connected for a couple of points, while Maxime Larmande couldn’t be stopped above the net. 

Juniors Peyton Price and Collin Webb showed out, but it simply wasn’t enough for the senior firepower. After taking the first set 25-21, the Class of 2022 took a deep breath and continued to establish its dominance.

The juniors played considerably well to begin the second set but began to let the match slip away near the end. The seniors mounted a huge run thanks to the defense of Ivan Wheland, and they took the second set with ease.

In the final set, it all came together for the Class of 2022. The senior boys were playing at a high level on both ends, leading to yet another set victory. This would hand the victory to the seniors in a clean 3-0 sweep.

Macho Volleyball in 2022 was exactly what we needed. Following a year without many of our remarkable traditions, FHC has returned some of its most cherished rituals. We can only hope that Macho Volleyball will be as electric next year as it was on Thursday night.