Iron Ducks look to end season with a BBA championship


For some athletes, varsity sports aren’t the way to go. As the options for non-varsity athletes are limited, one league that people are participants in is the Blythefield Basketball Association. 

As the players face off against other teams with the same type of athletes, the competition is neck and neck. The league manages to bring athletes together to play the sport they love: basketball. For one team, the Iron Ducks, the competitiveness is comparable to that of the varsity level. The team is very athletic and is a collection of current and former athletes for FHC, and they want nothing less than a championship when it’s all said and done. 

Freshman year captain Graham Bennett knew that he was going to create a team. Now, as the team is one of the top competitors in the league, it’s clear they have been preparing since the conception of the idea. The only thing missing from their master plan was a coach. As the season crept up, the team had to make a decision, and it was an easy one. Reese Le was the obvious choice. 

Helping the team prepare for the season was the first order of business for Coach Le. 

“Reese lets us know what needs to be done and everyone understands the assignment,” said Graham Bennett. 

Getting into the season, the team realized they were one of the premier teams in the league. With former JV point guard Timothee Larmande bringing the ball up the court, the team is confident with their leaders. Timothee brings value to the team offensively.

“I spread the court out well,” said Larmande, “allowing other players to score.”

On the defensive side of the ball, he is also making an impact as he is top 5 in the league in steals.

Moving over to the frontcourt, the big men of Justin Osterhouse and captain Crandall Quinn are a problem for everyone in the league. Crandall and Justin are both D1 athletes with basketball backgrounds. Crandall playing division 1 lacrosse and Justin playing D1 baseball just show how athletic and strong this frontcourt is. Both players stretch the court but also grab a lot of rebounds, 15.2 per game as a pair. Although in the NBA the big man is undervalued, in the BBA, the big man runs the league. Although both players are big, aside from rebounding, they play like guards. Both players have good passing shooting and ball-handling for the Iron Ducks. 

The team has the players to win it all and they have the winning mentality. When captain Quinn was asked about how he sees the season-ending he said, “I see us winning it all with virtually no competition, we are the best.”

Captain Bennett gave a similar answer about the conclusion of the season. 

“Only time will tell but we are confident we can end up in the final game of the season and leave that game with a trophy.” 

As confidence is not lacking on this team, like Graham said, only time will tell what the outcome of the season will be. 

“We specialize in playing the sport of basketball,” Graham stated. “We’re ball players. We were made for this. This is what we do and no one will tell us otherwise.”