Maya Fitzgerald’s love for golf goes beyond the green


Maya Fitzgerald has been playing the sport of golf for six years now, and since the beginning, the sport has turned into more than a game for her.

“I have met life-long friends, gotten opportunities that I couldn’t have gotten any other way, and learned so much about life,” Maya said.

Maya first began playing golf six years ago. Her dad got her into the sport and has been helping her along the way ever since. Growing up, she had tried different sports, but nothing seemed to click for her. With golf, it was much different. 

“It just gave me a different feeling,” Maya said. “I knew it was my sport!”

Maya has recently taken her skills to the varsity level after starting high school, and playing for the team has taken her game to the next level— she has played against some of Kent County’s best. The varsity golf team never takes days off during the season, whether the girls are out in tournaments or just out on the range. They also play more challenging courses more often. No matter if it is just a practice or a game, it has helped Maya’s skills skyrocket. 

“Varsity golf is just a different level that helps you improve in all aspects of the game,” Maya said.

One thing about varsity sports is the relationships built between teammates. While playing golf, Maya has built a friendship on the team that will last forever with fellow teammate, sophomore Skyler Tierney. While they haven’t known each other long, they have bonded a lot over the course of two years. 

“Skyler brings a different side of me out; she has let me see golf in a different light,” Maya said. “She helps me believe in myself, and she has helped me improve with golf. I can’t wait for two more years with her, and I hope we can continue our friendship for many years to come!”

Becoming a member of varsity early on in high school, Maya hopes to become one of the leaders on the team so she can help out her fellow teammates and friends in her junior and senior years. She knows head coach Paul TenEyck wants a leader that leads by example, and she knows she would be great at exactly that, showing everyone what golf and being a part of a team is all about.

“I have grown so much over the past few years, and I want to help others grow as well. I love being a leader, and I believe that I could be a great leader in this team.”

For Maya, golf is a sport that she hopes will be a continuing passion for as long as possible. Her dream ever since starting golf has always been to play in college.

“Golf has become a big part of my life, and I would like to keep it that way! Playing on a college team has been my dream for a while now, and I believe that if I work hard enough, my dream will become a reality!”

Nothing is more evident than Maya Fitzgerald’s love for the game and the potential for her to continue her golf career into college.