JV girls field hockey takes the field in the JV tournament to wrap up the season


Over the weekend, the girls JV field hockey team fought in its final games in a tournament held at FHC. The team battled four of its toughest opponents this season: Novi, Ann Arbor Pioneer, Ann Arbor Skyline, and Dexter.  

The girls first battled against Novi in a very close game. They fell just 2-1 and started off the tournament on the right foot. Next, the team managed to tie the ruthless Ann Arbor Skyline girls 2-2 with amazing defense and ball movement around the field on Forest Hills’ side. The girls’ last game before the break was against Dexter, who they also managed to keep away from the win with a tie of 0-0. 

The team couldn’t be more proud of their performance in the tournament and it really shows in the way that they talk about it– most notably sophomore Katy Dykstra.

“I always think that you can lose but if you had fun you still won. Half the time the experience makes it better,” Katy said. “At the tournament, the team defiantly had fun and became closer as friends. After every game, they would celebrate each other. They would do use on the good things they did and applauded the not so great as a learning moment.”

To wrap up the day for the girls, they played Ann Arbor Pioneer and, unfortunately for the Rangers, lost 4-0. That leaves the girls with a hard-fought 0-2-2 record for the tournament, but they showed how far they have come this season above everything else. 

Earlier in the season, the girls tied Novi, Pioneer, and Skyline in their normal season games, only falling to Dexter 0-2. The season has come a long way for this team and even with the ups and downs, the girls still keep their heads high. 

The JV field hockey season is now over, but a few girls have been pulled up to varsity for the tough playoffs coming up. Above all, though, the girls showed that they meant business this season, and are ready for even better seasons to come.

“I am overall happy with how the team performed,” Katy Dykstra exclaimed. “They did their best and had fun.”