Girls JV golf solidifies an impressive season with an 11-2 record

Girls JV golf solidifies an impressive season with an 11-2 record

The girls JV golf team got through its season with numerous accomplishments to flaunt. These Lady Rangers came out of this 2021 fall season with an impressive 11-2 record and even more achievements under their belt. 

The Rangers kicked their season off with a three-stroke loss to Lowell on August 18. Following that rough first match, the team won their next two matches in battles against Forest Hills Northern, shooting 190-198, and following that match against Northern, Grand Rapids Christian with a close 205-210 score. Next were duals with the East Grand Rapids Pioneers and the Greenville Yellow Jackets following. Both matches ended with wins for the Lady Rangers. To cap off that stretch of competition, FHC came back to Lowell for revenge with another three-stroke difference. The lowest the team shot in the first six matches was a 190, proving the team was putting in the work to improve. 

“It’s their [the girls’] dedication to getting better and practicing on their own that has been the most impressive part of this team,” head coach Chris Sobieck said.

Starting the month of September off strong, the girls also took down the Northview Wildcats 205-216. That would mark their sixth win in a row. However, FHC’s win streak ended on September 8 when the girls fell short to Forest Hills Northern in a rematch. The Huskies shot lights out by notching a 182. Things picked right back up after that rivalry loss to the Huskies, as the girls won two times in the next five days in tough matchups against Grand Rapids Christian and East Grand Rapids.

Up until this point, the girls stood at 9-2 with only two losses to hold them back from being undefeated. With a season this exceptional, coach Sobieck and his team were pleased with how things were unfolding with only two matches left.

I thought the season was super successful. All of the players really improved over the course of the season. We won most of our matches. I would say it was a huge win,” freshman Abby Schnelker said. “I think that there was definitely a rough patch in the middle where a lot of us were struggling, but once we all really got into the groove of the season and got more used to the game, we were really good.”

FHC wrapped up its season with matches against Greenville, Northview, and Byron Centers. Greenville did not have enough girls on their team for the match scheduled on September 22, so the Yellow Jackets gave the forfeit win to FHC. Then, the girls faced the Wildcats on September 23, rising up to defeat them 212-230. Byron’s Bulldogs also took the fall to the girls, losing 180-201. 

The season had many highlights, but by far, the most impressive one was the team setting the new lowest JV score. The girls shattered the existing record with their impeccable 175. That means that out of the top four girls that have scores count, they all shot an average of 43.75 strokes. 175 is a score to be incredibly proud of; the Rangers proved at that match against East Grand Rapids that they genuinely hit their peak for the 2021 season. 

Coach Sobieck could not be more proud of his team this year.

“I think next year will be exciting with several from this group adding to those players that are coming back, plus possibly another player that wasn’t part of the team this year potentially coming back,” Sobieck said.

In the end, the girls showed what dedication and confidence could do for a team with their talent level. Their win streak of 11-2 and a low score of 175 put into perspective just how hard these girls worked and how bad they wanted to win.

“I’m excited to get some of the freshman back that don’t play on varsity next year,” coach Sobieck said. “I’m also excited to have introduced the game to several new players that I hope will continue to play even if they don’t continue their careers on varsity next year.”