Senior Parker Vredenburg has not let change affect his career at FHC

Senior Parker Vredenburg has not let change affect his career at FHC

For senior Parker Vredenburg, change has come in a variety of ways. Whether it was a position change or getting moved up, Parker has embraced copious amounts of change throughout his football career.

“Parker has shown a great deal of effort and attitude throughout his high school career,” Varsity Football Head Coach Tim Rogers said. “He has gone through a lot of adversity, whether it’s changing his position or changing his assignment.” 

Parker did not want to play football in his early years, but after he saw his friends playing it, he quickly joined. His first positions, believe it or not, were quarterback and middle linebacker. It took some getting used to, but Parker quickly adapted to the new sport. After his fourth grade season, Parker applauded his original decision to play football.

“I started playing football because everyone I knew was doing it, and it looked like a lot of fun,” Vredenburg said. “My dad also encouraged me to play, which made the decision easier.”

Regardless of how long Parker has been playing football, his younger days saw him having fun and dominating the opposing teams. Led by a strong arm, Parker was able to complete passes that were lethal to the opposing defense; he also had a hidden quickness to him and would scramble for many touchdowns. This dominance is one of Parker’s favorite memories of his football career. 

“I remember when I was in second grade, and I played QB; it was a fun time,” Parker said. “I would throw dimes because I had an above-average arm and would scramble a lot because I was quicker than most players.” 

While most of the dominance was coming on the offensive end, Vredenburg made a name for himself on the defensive end. Playing linebacker, Parker would cover the field from sideline to sideline with his unique quickness and fundamental tackling skills. His success was consistent for two straight years, but in sixth grade, everything changed. 

Moving positions in football is common, but shifting from quarterback to offensive lineman is a unique type of change. Parker made this unusual transition in fourth grade as a result of a stoppage in growth. His speed barely went up in these two years and his competition had caught up to him. 

“At first, I was shocked when they moved me to the O-line,” Vredenburg said. “I understood that most players were catching up to me athletically, so my coaches felt it was best for me to play on the line.” 

Being a lineman took a lot of getting used to for Parker. Growing pains came in his first season but he began to bulk up and continue his progression at lineman. When seventh grade hit, Vredenburg showed this progression and it paid off. He had many amusing moments during his middle school years, including the time he tried out for kicker. Throughout those two years, Parker developed his offensive lineman techniques and continued to gain healthy weight; this is where he became the football player he is today. 

When high school hit, Parker was faced with change once again but did not back down. Instantly, Parker was called up to the JV squad alongside teammate Rhosias Arius. Vredenburg started on JV as a freshman and expected to have a big role in the program for years to come. After an up and down freshman season, Vredenburg returned to the JV team as a sophomore and was seen as a big locker room guy. He really increased his progress this year, solidifying himself as a starter in years to come. 

Now, it is Parker’s senior year and the Rangers are 4-1. Vredenburg starts on the offensive line and mixes in on the defensive side of the ball. In the first five games of the year, the most notable position for FHC–other than wide receiver–has been the D-line. Parker has been a huge reason why the defense is getting chaotic pressure. He is also one of the reasons why FHC has run the ball well this season. The sky is the limit for this FHC team, and Vredenburg seems to agree.

“I think we will make a far run in the playoffs,” he said. “Honestly, I think we can win it all with the talent around this team. The team has a special bond and we are continuing to get closer as a team.”