A big second half comeback ends in a tie for freshman football

A big second half comeback ends in a tie for freshman football

Going into halftime down 16-0 against Lowell, head coach Anthony Sultini knew he needed to make changes to his team. As the freshmen came out of the locker room, they came out as a different team, coming back to tie 16-16.

After an 8-2 loss the previous week to Northview, the defense was carrying the team on its back. A heavy run game that helped secure a victory against Grand Blanc was looking like a one-and-done deal. This game against Lowell turned the offensive playbook on its head.

The first half was a mess all around. The defense could not keep Lowell in check, and on offense, just nothing was working. As the clock hit halftime, a dropped pass sent the Rangers into the locker room. Coach Sultini closed the door behind him and changed the game in the span of 10 minutes. His halftime pep-talk would send the Rangers out on the field with a chip on their shoulder.

On offense, one player stood out. This year he has been a solid player, but Max Holser came into the second half with a new mindset. Bringing a punt all the way back, he gave his team the momentum they needed to come back. Not only that, but the passing game finally showed up. The running game was put to the side, allowing the passing game to show out against Lowell’s defense.

On the defensive side of the ball, it was a game of domination in the second half. Allowing only two first downs the entire half, it’s no doubt the team couldn’t come back without them.

While the game may not go down as a victory, it certainly will go down as one of the best games this team has played this season.

”Now that the passing game has had success in this last game, we now have added a new element into our offense for next game,” said coach Sultini about his offense’s potential. Next week the freshman take on Greenville at Greenville High School.