Girls varsity lacrosse closes out its first regular season with a win against Grand Rapids Christian 16-12


The girls varsity lacrosse team wrapped up its first regular season with a win on Friday against Grand Rapids Chrisitan 16-12. The Rangers were coming off of an extremely tiring game against the East Grand Rapids Pioneers the previous night yet were still able to put together a full game against Grand Rapids Christian. 

The girls may not have executed as well as head coach Zoe Mamo would have liked, but they pulled through. The Rangers struggled with some of the simple mistakes that coach Mamo has been preaching to get rid of this entire season. They did not struggle with intensity, though, and the girls kept their energy high by leaving everything they had out on the field for their last game of the season. 

“It was definitely not our best game,” coach Mamo stated. “The team was tired from its tough and great game against East Grand Rapids, but they were still able to get the win.”

The Rangers showed both their ups and downs in this game against the Eagles. In terms of what they excelled at, the girls showed off their elite ability to pass and catch. However, at certain points in the game, they failed to capitalize when they were set up with perfect opportunities. Heading into playoffs, the Rangers are looking to become more confident with the ball. 

“We just need to make sure we stay focused on the ball,” junior Sophie Hartl said. “Our regular season ended on an upslope; we are looking to continue that with playoffs next week.”

The Rangers will take on Mattawan at home on Wednesday, May 26. As the post-season begins, the girls will continue to prepare and practice the same way they have throughout the regular season to ensure their bodies are ready for a long playoff run.