Three fast takes from the recent week of sports: March Madness themed


1. Upsets galore- I don’t know if there has ever been this many groundbreaking upsets before, so I’m just going to say it: this has to be one of the most confusing and Cinderella-filled NCAA Tournaments of all-time. First it was Oral Roberts ripping the rug out from under Ohio State, next it was North Texas taking down Purdue, then it was Ben Vander Plas and Ohio beating Virginia, and finally it was Abilene Christian shocking a Final Four contender in Texas. You know it has already been a crazy March Madness when you have trouble naming off all of the upsets without breathing. Nevertheless, it’s the reason casual fans all around the country sit down to watch all of these games. If I were to pick a team out of those four to make a legitimate Cinderella run, I would probably choose Max Abmas and his deadly array of shooters at Oral Roberts to punch a ticket into the Elite Eight just because I think they have the best matchup—out of all the potential Cinderella’s—against Arkansas. 

2. Chill out, Tom!- Call me soft, but Tom Izzo’ exchange with Gabe Brown crossed way beyond the line. For years now, I have relished Izzo’s old-school manner on the sidelines and his passion to win. His heated “scuffle” with Brown, though, left a bad taste in my mouth that his other exchanges with players like Bryn Forbes and Aaron Henry never did. I’m not going to act as if the collapse against UCLA didn’t weigh into my disgust with Izzo’ actions, but it certainly didn’t help at all. Obviously, any team can turn the tables of a game at any point. However, it really seemed like Izzo’s bad blood with Brown right before halftime affected the team’s morale as the seconds ticked down on the clock. Before I start going too far with this take, I’ll end it by saying this: Brown and Izzo both messed up big-time in front of thousands of viewers, and they both need to look themselves in the mirror and realize how bad of publicity it truly was.

3. Name this man as the next head coach Indiana basketball coach- Porter Moser’s resume at Loyola Chicago over the past four years rivals and mocks Archie Miller’s resume at Indiana as their head coach. Moser has gone 99-35, and he is a part of an elite group of coaches who have coached in a Final Four. As if Moser’s resume couldn’t be improved any more, his team’s defensive stand against a favorite to cut the nets in Indy, Illinois, was a signature Porter Moser coaching job. At Indiana, Moser won’t have a pure point forward like Cameron Krutwig at his disposal to run his slashing offense, and he obviously won’t have all of the players he needs for his offensive system in his first year at IU. Moser has been able to build a Loyola team from the ground up, so just imagine what he will be able to accomplish with the Indiana brand in his blood.