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Sophomore Benny Mielock looks to keep his family legacy going


The varsity hockey team has a lot of talent throughout the roster, but one of the major standouts within the team is sophomore Benny Mielock. This should be no surprise, as Mielock has been surrounded and immersed by hockey his whole life.

“I first started playing hockey at a super young age,” Mielock said. “I started playing at the age of two.”

Mielock found his role models right at home—his brothers. Growing up around hockey, he got to witness their dedication and passion for the sport. His brothers influenced him greatly.

“The whole reason I started playing was because of my brothers,” Mielock said. “I wanted to be just like them and follow in their footsteps.”

Not only were his brothers role models, but they were also mentors to him. His brothers were always there to help whenever he got stuck. 

“My brothers have been through everything, so whenever I have questions, they are there to help,” Mielock said. “When it came to teams to play for, they would often help finalize my decisions and help me choose the best option for me.”

With Mielock’s older brother graduating last year, new things are going to be different this year within the team. 

“I think this year will be a lot different without Sammy,” Mielock said. “Sammy was a good captain, but this year’s captain, Rocco [Gonzalez], I think will fill in his shoes.”

Mielock has a high reputation within the state; he holds a prominent ranking that shows he is elite.

“I’m ranked 57 throughout all grade levels within the state of Michigan,” Mielock said. “But in my class, I’m ranked second.”

His ranking doesn’t just come with luck. Mielock spends countless hours training off and on the ice.

“In the summer, I work every other day, and in the winter, I work every day with my team,” Mielock said. “My brother Sammy also would train with me, whether that be workouts or shooting.”

Mielock has dreams beyond high school hockey. He aspires to take his talents to a higher level in either college or some form of professional hockey.

Ever since the team reached the Frozen Four last year, Mielock has high expectations for this year’s season. He hopes the team will secure the conference title and go on a run just like they did last year.

“I would like to win the conference this year,” Mielock said. “I also hope the team will get another shot like last year in the USA hockey arena.”

Not only is Mielock a stud hockey player, but is also a great baseball player.

“I play baseball for the school,” Mielock said. “When school season is over, I play travel baseball for Elite.”

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