JV golf looks to chip-in to a new season

JV golf looks to chip-in to a new season

With spring sports starting all across the state, JV golf is poised to come out swinging this year, after its strong 7-7 season last year. Most of this group is new to the team, with only two returning athletes on the team this year, since most of the juniors on the team last year were called up to varsity this year.

With most of the team being a new group, it is to be expected that the team may take a while to mesh together, but soon they should come into games at full force. Something that adds to that is the fact that they also have a new coach, since coach Bill Alexander is not coaching this year, JV girls golf coach Chris Sobieck is also going to be coaching the boys JV team this year. It should be interesting to see if his coaching skills from the girls JV team translate as well as expected.

Despite this, new additions to the team sophomore Jacob Kelderman and freshman Colton Comiskey are both looking on the bright side of the new season. A common theme between the two was the need to learn and improve on their personal techniques while golfing. Colton believes that “This season I’m most excited about spending time and having fun with friends while being able to compete at the same time. I’m also excited to learn more about the game and become a better golfer.” Jacob meanwhile is excited about something different. “I’m most excited to get in more time golfing so I can improve as the season progresses. I’m also excited to just enjoy golfing.”

No one knows what will happen with this team this year, but there is plenty of reasons to be positive. Spring sports started on March 13, 2023, so the team has a little less than a month to build chemistry. Speaking from experience, a worse team with high morale can beat a better team with low morale, so the beginning of the season can be an important, formative time for a team to mesh.

No matter what happens, the team is ready and raring to go, and they will be playing in its first game on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, at Morrison Lake. Let’s see what this team can do.