FHC bowling continues its losing streak into March


Thrusted into the starting lineup, senior Tommie Payne and junior Zach Guikema made the most of their opportunities by respectively scoring a team-high 213 and 208. These two scores, along with three more, won the FHC boys bowling team five individual games. Combined with a crucial baker game victory, these individual conquests pulled the Rangers within a four-point margin. The bowlers from Hall Street were “this close” to taking down the East Grand Rapids Pioneers, but the Rangers couldn’t close the deal, as they ended up losing a nail-biter 17-13. Coming down to the wire, head coach Terry Metzner couldn’t contain his admiration for his team’s ability to “plug away” down the stretch of a close contest.

“This had to be the closest we have ever gotten to beating someone,” expressed coach Metzner, “so the boys did a great job to plug away at their [East Grand Rapids] late-game surge.”

As for the struggling and outnumbered girls team, the absence of one of their key contributors, freshman Emalea Rooke, exposed them right out of the gates, as they lost both of their baker games at the start of the match. On the individual stage, freshman Skyler Tierney highlighted the day by notching a 123 in round one, and freshman Mary Kate Dean complimented her 123 with a solid 119. In the end, the girls lost by a score of 26-4.

“We have been down a girl for the whole season, so it didn’t shock us that we were without yet another girl,” Skyler described. “Hopefully every girl can suit up for next week.”

Next week marks the end of the 2020-2021 season for the Rangers. Without any real motivational spark plugs to ignite, coach Metzner and his FHC teams will have to look farther than the playoffs or trophies to find a reason to show up to the alley. Maybe it’s out of respect for the game, or maybe it’s out of sheer pride for themselves. No matter what their reason is for showing up next week, one thing can be certain: coach Metzner will have his players ready for their last taste of action in 2021.