Ty Hudkins and JT Hartman lead boys freshman basketball in 62-28 win against Lowell


After a commanding victory against East Grand Rapids on Thursday, the boys freshman basketball team would take on the Red Arrows of Lowell High School. Lowell’s basketball team has not been great recently, but a game the boys could not sleep on. FHC’s talent was showcased as the Rangers destroyed the Red Arrows. The Rangers took care of business winning 62-28. Most of the team played extremely well, but two players stood out. JT Hartman and Ty Hudkins both had phenomenal games. Hartman had 16 points while Hudkins added 14 points. The duo outscored Lowell by themselves, showing how talented they truly are. 

The Rangers may have won big but they got off to a mediocre start. They struggled shooting and handling the ball which led to an early Red Arrow lead, but after their two-minute slump, FHC got back to their fast playing style. The Rangers amped up the pressure, created turnovers, and got easy buckets from their defense. Along with JT and Ty, Mason McDonald and Roman Brummel had solid first-half performances. Mason had seven points and Roman dropped six point, which led to FHC finding themselves up 34-13 at halftime. The Rangers continued to pressure in the second half leading by 35 at the end of the 3rd. FHC slowed its pace down in the 4th quarter, only scoring six points, but it did not matter. The Rangers beat the Red Arrows by a score of 62-28.

After another dominant performance, FHC improves to 8-0 with a 7-0 conference record, but according to a new rule in the MHSAA, only the second game against every conference team counts towards the conference record. Based on this fact, the freshman team gets their first conference win staying at 1-0. They face the Northview Wildcats at home on Tuesday, March 3.