The girls track and field team is preparing to start its season off strong


As the sun begins to peak through the clouds and the temperature starts to creep up, spring sports here at Forest Hills Central are starting to begin in full swing and this is no different when it comes to the girls track & field. After having an amazing season last year with the girls finishing third overall at OK White Conference, they are ready to come into this season with everything they have. However, there is still a lot of preparation that needs to be done going into this season due to the fact that this sport is both a physical and mental game.

“The team is working hard on building up endurance and strength in our running and field events,” senior Abby Cumings said. “Track is difficult both physically and mentally, so we are training both our minds and bodies to endure the races and hopefully start the season at our best to build on from there.”

Although this can take a toll at times because of the stress they are applying to their bodies in order to be in shape and perform at their best, they are still able to take away every moment and embrace it. For instance, the girls are taking this opportunity to bond and begin forming amazing friendships through this one activity that they all have in common while also going into this season with much enthusiasm. 

“The team is definitely excited for the season and to start competing,” Cumings said. “Already in the first two weeks, we have begun to bond as teammates and are beginning to create what will hopefully be a well-balanced and hard-working team.” 

Not only is the team as a whole excited, but every individual is as well. Due to this sport being heavily based on individual performance, many of these athletes are going in with many goals in mind. However, they also understand that this is as much of a team sport as it is an individual sport. This is because every race can count as points toward their team overall and whichever team comes out with the most amount of points wins, so this strives for the girls not only to perform for themselves but for their teammates and school as well. 

In all, the girls are gearing up and excited to go into their first meet which will be away at Aquinas—which will be an indoor meet—on Tuesday, March 28, starting at 4 p.m. Make sure to make it out and support the girls as they start off to an amazing season ahead!