The Ranger girls varsity soccer team takes a tough loss


This Friday, March 25, the Ranger girls’ soccer team had their first game of the season. This highly anticipated match unfortunately did not go the girls’ way.

The game started pretty even with both teams getting some opportunities in the attacking third, however, the game was mainly played in the midfield. Both teams struggled to have a strong attacking play until Caledonia found the net midway through the first half. The Rangers were down 1-0 at the half with an entire half to get back into the game.

When asked about the halftime message from coach Ludtke, junior Josie Crosse said, “Coach basically told us that there a lot of game left and that we needed to control the ball a bit more. Instead of playing the long ball, she wanted us to look for short passes to feet so that we could create more chances.”

In the second half, the Rangers had some improvement in ball control but it didn’t seem to be enough to find the back of the net. The final score was 1-0 in favor of the Scots.

Although they lost, this was a good opportunity for the girls to find what they are good at and what needed improvement.

“Our team kept fighting through after Cal scored and all the way to the last minute of the second half which is something which is something to be proud of,” said Ayla Thompson.

This was not the way the girls wanted to start the season but there are still plenty of games left in the season.

“We just need to keep practicing and playing together as a team since this was the first game we have played with each other. So just keep practicing and find out how we can come together and perform well,” said Ayla.

The girls only have one more game before spring break where they will play away at Grandville.

When asked how they will prepare for this game and the rest of the season, Coach Ludtke said, “We will continue to prepare for every match-up this season by taking the positives and areas of need and building on that. It’s really important to focus on getting better with every opportunity.

The girls will play away, at Grandville, next Tuesday, as they look to bounce back.