The benefits of boxing


We as athletes can get angry. We lose games, we have hard practices, and we get yelled at. With sports comes frustrating moments that are difficult to let go of. If there was only a way that we could expel some of that anger in a positive way! Well, look no further for that answer. Boxing is a way that you can take out your anger while staying active and working towards your goals. 

I have attended many boxing classes in my life. They come in different shapes and sizes with the most popular being regular boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. Personally, I love attending kickboxing classes because of the intense atmosphere and the great skills I learn. Some of those skills can transfer over to self-protection if and when that moment comes when you find yourself in an unsafe situation. Therefore, boxing, in any form, has many uses on a daily basis.

Boxing is known to be life-changing. The mental and physical benefits outweigh any bad things that may occur. People are known to gain disciplinary skills, along with self-control and self-confidence. Understanding that you are capable of keeping yourself safe brings a sense of peace to many minds. After taking a boxing class, many people come out saying they found out more things about themselves such as how hard they could punch or even how long they could exercise for. 

When taking these classes, the adrenaline rush that comes with them is great. It makes me feel alive and gives me a sense of accomplishment. It feels really good to get my anger out while taking care of my body and my brain.

Many athletes take to boxing during their off-season because of the overwhelming benefits. Boxing offers a whole body workout that will not only help to maintain your conditioning but may also increase your strength. Boxing will also work those minor muscles that often get ignored during the competitive season. Another great advantage is the balance and agility you will acquire through the workouts. Transferable to just about every other sport, boxing will help support the growth of body movement and awareness to provide control and a strong stance.

I think that everyone should be able to experience a boxing class in his or her lifetime. Gaining the skills and knowledge is just as important as having fun and building up a sweat. Take the time to jump into a boxing class and do something good for yourself.