The NFL needs to learn how to gossip


The NFL has no shortage of issues and drama to fill the off-season no matter what team you root for, and this week especially is no exception. Over the past forty-eight hours, the NFL has had a common theme come up but in ways that fans viewing at home may not have seen coming; the only difference is that anyone paying attention could see both issues coming. 

The first recent issue is with the Green Bay Packers and the New York Jets possibly nearing an agreement for 39-year-old quarterback Aaron Rodgers. In my column, Aaron Rodgers is a name my readers will never hear the end of, and for a good reason. After his little off-grid therapy trip, Aaron still has not decided if he wants to retire and give up the rest of his $150 million contract or go to a team where he can actually make an impact. Aaron would sign with the Jets as a trade and have a renewal of a contract where he would hopefully think twice before writing his name on the dotted line so that he does not have to go camping to find his mental sanity again. This news is not directly confirmed yet, but the Packers have granted Rodgers permission to talk with the Jets so that his contract is not tampered with which only tends to happen when a trade is going to be allowed. The only reason there is not an exact answer yet on this matter is because both teams are holding out until Rodgers makes up his mind so that they do not give him away just to have him retire a few days later out of doubt; this would not only make the Jets look like idiots but also the Packers. 

I personally do not understand a few things with this news. My first thought is that it has been weeks since Aaron returned from his trip; how has he not figured out his thoughts yet? As a single 39-year-old man making millions of dollars a year, I am confused why or how he has not sorted out his feelings in his pink diary yet. On top of this, I have no genuine clue why the Jets would even see Aaron as valuable. He is coming off of a horrid season, and it makes no sense for a nobody team like the Jets to want a nobody quarterback like Aaron when he will not be utilized the way he otherwise would. Adding a bad player to a bad team will not fix your issues; two wrongs do not make a right, and this is a prime example. 

My other issue with this week’s news is that Tom Brady is considering coming out of retirement yet again and this time to play for the Dolphins. He has told multiple sources that they should not bank on him staying retired, and if this man unretires for the second time, I will be the first one you hear about it from. 

This is absolutely hilarious to me for quite a few reasons. First off, Tom Brady’s contemplation is probably all for attention because he does not have anything else to keep him in the spotlight with new talent like Patrick Mahomes becoming the household name that Brady once was. Second off, Tom went into retirement on the same day both times a year apart, so if he comes out of retirement on March 13, I am going to call absolute crap on him because it will be proof he is just trying to milk the general public and his fanbase for views and money. Although I am ninety-nine percent sure he will come out of retirement, that little chance he does not means that the angels will be singing, and I will be able to sleep at night knowing we had one less drama queen hanging around the field and franchise.

It is evident the NFL has no shortage of gossip, but it is to the point where this gossip is for petty attention and views; the sooner these old men get off of the field and social media the better the league will be and the brighter the league’s future will look. It is safe to say that the NFL will do anything for a click, and I for one am not here to support it.