Team chemistry: the bond that holds it all together

Good relationships among players on sports teams are essential for all teams and/or athletes to perform at the highest of abilities. When I have good chemistry with my teammates, I find myself feeling capable of anything. Their energy matches mine, and my energy matches theirs; comfort with the people I play with is a significant factor for me and the way that I ultimately end up playing. 

A good, safe space is generated when positive energy and comfort are created among the team members. Safe spaces are essential for athletes to feel able to reach their full potential; the players can set and achieve their goals successfully. As athletes feel better around their teammates, they can also feel comfortable to reveal their vulnerable sides. 

Within the welcoming of vulnerability, players can show a bare side of themselves where their perfections are unseen. So many athletes—more often than not—will attempt to hide their mistakes; they will try to seem like this vast, fantastic athlete that they genuinely are not. In reality, mistakes are bound to happen if you plan on becoming a better athlete. However, if a player is present on a team with players who denounce and shame them for their mistakes, their mindset will be destroyed. Progress will be made if a player is on a team with encouraging teammates. Vulnerability is vital for the growth of an athlete. Your playing abilities will increase when you feel open to trying new things and are not afraid to make mistakes.

As all of these different connections are made, the team becomes closer and more robust. When the team bonds and advances in these ways, the positive outcomes will advance too. When teams feel close and connected, the execution of all things will run smoother and the game will become more fun. Players quickly find out that showing up will be worth it. 

The love for playing the sport is a massive part of the game. You have to show up physically and mentally, not one or the other. So when teammates make the entire experience more manageable, the game becomes more enjoyable. Rough games become not-so-rough, and good games become even more enjoyable. It is important to have connections with the people on your team because they understand what you go through on a variety of levels because they go through them as well. These connections become a powerful asset to everyone. 

Altogether, these impenetrable relations benefit the team in more ways than one could imagine. From working better together to having a good soul to lean on, these relationships are the drive and glue that creates the much needed bond for success.