Pilates at FHC?


As working out and staying healthy is on the rise, many people look for other variations of exercise to help them stay in shape and have fun. Recently, the idea of pilates has been the talk of the town. With many of our favorite influencers attending classes, it leaves us wondering if it is popular around our school, how do people benefit from it, and would it be a good class to have at FHC?

By definition, pilates is a system of repetitive exercises performed on a yoga mat or other equipment to promote strength, stability, and flexibility. Pilates is offered at many great places around us such as the YMCA, BodyMind Pilates, and Pilates in Ada, which is our own local little studio in Downtown Ada.

Staying healthy mentally and physically are two very important components to living a happy lifestyle, especially while in school. Working out is a great way to release stress and energy, but many people are not fond of going to the gym. Like yoga, pilates is another great way to keep our minds and bodies healthy while having fun and being surrounded by a great atmosphere. 

Senior Riley Koehler, a regular pitalies attendee, shares her opinion on pilates and how it would benefit the students at FHC. 

“Pilates exercises are a great way to give yourself a break while still pushing yourself with the different exercises and other things they have you do,” she shares.  “I think it would be very beneficial at FHC because we do have a yoga class, and it would be another variation of that. Pilates and yoga are similar in certain aspects, but they are not the same. I think a lot of people would enjoy the class because it is a more physical challenge than yoga but still brings a lot of the fun and energy with it.” 

When asking people if pilates would be a good addition to our schools elective, many people were excited. Currently, students have a good amount of gym classes that are available to us at FHC, but many are the average P.E. classes that are mandatory for students to take. These classes are boring and only benefit you in a “releasing energy throughout the day” way. With the ideas of new, fun “gym” classes, many people who are not as active or hate the idea of sports, love the idea of pilates. They see their favorite TikTokers attending classes and want to be able to do the same but not have to break the bank as teenagers. 

Sophomore athlete Paige Jacobs loves the idea of a pilates class for athletes. “I feel like a pilates class would be very beneficial to the FHC community. As an athlete, it would give me and others a way to become a better athlete with all of the stretching and techniques they use,” she says. “I know a lot of athletes take yoga to become more flexible during and after their seasons, and I feel that pilates is another way to do that.” 

Some of the top physical benefits of pilates are whole-body fitness, strengthening your muscles, and improving posture. With these benefits comes many ways to increase your energy and mood within your mental stability. In some cases, pilates is used as a cure for depression and anxiety. They easily help clear out the brain, causing better memory and less stress. Many people enjoy putting on a cute workout set, leaving their houses, and socializing with other “classmates”. To create a more positive headspace, pilates changes chemicals in our brains such as serotonin, cortisol, and endorphins. 

On the other hand, there are people who believe that yoga and pilates are too similar for both the courses to be offered at FHC, which is a completely fair way of thinking. They both focus on using the breath properly during exercise and emphasize diaphragmatic breathing, or breathing deep into the belly. They can also be tailored to meet different fitness levels and offer many variations. 

Senior Noelle Stewart believes that yoga and pilates are very similar, and we should either have one or the other offered at our school. 

“No, I do not think having a pilates class would be beneficial. A lot of people enjoy taking yoga because it is easy and relaxing. I feel that pilates is a step up from yoga, making you put more effort in which some students don’t want to do,” she comments. “I would not take a pilates class if it was offered because I don’t enjoy yoga and pilates is similar, just with more movement.”

Many people believe that pilates classes are a great way to have fun with friends. If the course was offered at FHC, it would give students a free and fun way to spend their long and drawn-out school days. The classes are full of positive attitudes and liveliness, and high school students need that at this point in their lives.