Max Cooper


Name: Max Cooper

Grade: Senior

Sport: Boys varsity ski

How long have you been playing this sport?

“I’ve been skiing since 7th grade, so six years total. As for ski racing, this is my second year of racing.”

What is your favorite memory of ski racing?

“My favorite memory of this sport is opening my University of Michigan acceptance letter at the top of the hill at Caberfae for our first overnight race of the year.”
How do you plan to improve in ski racing?
“I plan to improve my skill in this sport by asking for tips from the coaches after my ski runs during practice. Another way is by attending every available practice and asking my teammates for advice before and during practice.”
How is the season going so far?
“The season is going pretty well so far, last time I heard our boys team was ranked top eight in the state. I’ve managed to make varsity times for Giant Slalom this year which has been a goal of mine.”
What are three fun facts about you?
1. I am the president of the Pickleball club at our school
2. My favorite fast food place is McDonald’s
3. I love to cook