FHC wrestling puts on a show in the OK White Conference tournament


For the FHC varsity boys wrestling team, the conference individuals tournament is the time to shine and show the other teams what it can do to compete in districts and regionals. This Friday, February 3, the Rangers stunned everyone in the OK White by proving just how powerful they can really be. 

“I think the team really exceeded expectations, we have one of the toughest conferences around and we had a lot of placers, we all wrestled well and one the close matches,” senior Luke Piotrowski said.  

As stated above, FHC took on the conference against Grand Rapids Christian, Greenville, Northview, Forest Hills Northern, Lowell, East Grand Rapids, and Byron Center to prove who really was the best of the best. With pressure and excitement in the air, the Rangers had their hands full trying to get every pin and point they could out on the mats. Luckily for the team, head coach Brad Anderson prepared the boys for anything thrown their way, and the proof was in the placings. 

Senior Michael Campbell was the team’s single finalist in the tournament which puts him in a prime position going into districts coming up. The accomplishments don’t stop there though; fellow seniors Landon Cooke, Blake Jacobs, Luke Piotrowski, and junior Josh Elzinga placed third which sets them up for some excellent competition coming their way. Lastly, Andrew Weiskopf and Everett Phipps placed fourth respectfully and put the cherry on top of an exceptional night for the Rangers. 

“For how hard the tournament is, we had a good amount of placers and we played to a pretty good level; overall it was a good night,” junior Alex Korff said. 

The team will be off until Wednesday, February 8, at Forest Hills Eastern, at 5:30 p.m., when it takes on the MHSAA district two-team competition, but the grit and practice the boys will endure won’t be taking a break anytime soon. Coming off of a big night like this creates team morale, and with every win, the boys get, the closer they get to take it all.